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We will purchase your gold, platinum & silver jewelry, coins, diamonds, luxury watches, paper money, silver flatware, antiques, collections, estates, and other valuable items.

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Pittsfield Precious Metals offers an extensive inventory including Modern & Antique Gold and Silver Jewelry, Loose, Mounted, and GIA Certified Diamonds, Luxury Mens’ and Ladies watches including designer brands in gold and silver wrist and pocket watches.

Rare Coins & Notes

Our large coin collection includes Gold and Silver,  Walking Liberty, Lincoln Head, Rare Dates, Collections, PCGS & NGC Graded Coins and Paper Notes and Currency.

Investment Grade Metals

When you’re in the market for investment grade metals, come to our Store and Browse our inventory. We stock Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium product for immediate purchase. Our X-ray Precious Metals Lab has the latest State of the Art testing equipment to assure our buyers they are getting confirmed tested product.


For special orders we are prepared to lock in pricing (Requires Deposit) for any amount at very competitive pricing. Before you buy over the internet call us for a quote.

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